With post-secondary application deadlines looming, this is the time of year when many grade 12 students are reflecting on what they’d like to do once they graduate. Thinking of all the possibilities can be exciting, yet it can also be daunting to sort through all of the options.

When deciding which step to take next on your career journey, it is helpful to think of your long-term career plan as well as how your education will fit into that. Below are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Increase Your Self-Awareness: Reflect on your strengths as well as your interests, personality, and values. Think about how well these different facets of who you are align with potential career options.
  2. Dream BIG!: Take some time to dream about your ideal career. Have fun with this and remain non-judgemental. You never know what is possible! Even if your dream career does not work out, you can always incorporate elements of it into your plan B.
  3. Get Some Practical Experience: If a career interests you, get some real-world exposure to it. You can start by chatting with people who are already in this career. Also, get first-hand experience of careers that you are considering through volunteer opportunities, part-time entry-level work, or job shadowing.
  4. Do Some Research Online: There is plenty of information about different career paths online. Dedicate some time to finding out more about careers that interest you and the educational programs associated with them.
  5. Ask for Help: If you need support, ask your parents, teachers, or guidance counsellors. Also, you can work with a career psychologist at Canada Career Counselling.
  6. Engage In Self-Care: Since career planning can be stressful at times, ensure that you support your wellbeing by getting adequate rest, exercising, eating healthy, taking time to have fun, and doing things that you enjoy. Remember, there is a mind-body connection!

We at Canada Career Counselling wish you all the best as you take the first steps of your lifelong career planning journey!

Michelle Sande
Registered Provisional Psychologist
Canada Career Counselling