Mobile Patrol
Marked police cars checking your business, neighborhood or residence on a random basis, for a contracted number of times per day. Officers will check doors and windows to ensure that the property is secure, remove trespassers, investigate suspicious vehicles and other duties at your request.
Stationary Officer
A police officer will be on your property for the contracted period of time to provide law enforcement and security services to you and your customers. This includes loss prevention, customer service, fire watches and other duties at your request.
Commercial Business Checks
If you need to go out of town or are closing your business for an extended holiday we will check your property as often as requested while you are away. This is comparable to our mobile patrol except it is for a shorter length of time.
Alarm Response
Upon notification of an alarm at your business we will dispatch a police officer to check your facility and take necessary actions to ensure your property is safe.
ATM/Bank Escorts
We will provide a police officer to accompany you while you service your automatic teller machines or make your daily bank deposit. Having an armed officer with you will be a significant deterrent to any would be robber.
VIP/Management Escorts
A uniformed or plain clothed police officer will escort your important guest or executive to and from their destinations to ensure their safe arrival and ability to conduct their business in peace.
Experienced police investigator(s) will conduct criminal investigations into illegal activities that are occurring on your property; such as embezzlement, larceny, sale of controlled substances, etc. If enough evidence is gathered our officers will obtain the necessary criminal processes to charge the violators. The officers will then follow the case from the time of arrest through adjudication.
Security Officer
Our security services are tailored to create a package that perfectly meets your needs. We want to provide you, the client, with the best security options for your security needs. Whether that is for your property, personnel or other assets you want to protect, we can create a package that tailors to you and your business.


Capitol Special Police is a charter member of the North Carolina Company Police Association. The goal of the association is to standardize and professionalize the special police industry.